Your MTM programs and eligible patients have moved!

You can now find them at, so head on over. Be sure to update your bookmarks.

But, why did they move?

Following our acquisition by Cardinal Health , we integrated with our sister company, OutcomesMTM. To make MTM more efficient for you, we consolidated all your 2020 MTM opportunities into the Connect™ Platform. One less password to remember! Access payable service opportunities for your MTM-eligible patients at

Not currently active with OutcomesMTM?

• If you ever had an OutcomesMTM account, log in and add your pharmacy to your profile.You can reset your password via the help links or by calling the help desk at (877) 237-0050.

• If you need to create your account, go here . It’s free to participate with OutcomesMTM.

Thank you for working with us to improve patient outcomes. With our new team at OutcomesMTM,

we look forward to bringing you more opportunities to earn revenue for providing high quality care.

- Mirixa